• 9 Cages total
  • 5 Baseball – Speeds 90,70,60,50,40
  • 4 Softball – Speeds FP 64, 44 and Two SlowPitch Machines
  • Bats and Helmets are included in pricing, or bring your own.

This is also where the incredible – somewhat unbelievable on sites other than here – stuff goes. It usually describes in monumentally boring detail how the business survived prohibition and the silk wars. Yet still rose from a cow field and became the almost world renown structure it currently is. How The Cage prevailed through stagnant times of the great recession and watched as the other batting cages (7 of them) within a 60 mile radius came and went. 20 years before construction commenced a clandestine meeting was held in a barn and yet it took 19 years and 11 months of planning and procrastination before the first shovel load of dirt was moved. The Cage has been able to use mere paint, rust preventative and a rigorous schedule of preventative maintenance to come back year after year. Enduring the bone chilling winters that brought forth blizzards to the land a thousand miles west of and summers that saw hurricanes and earthquakes of epic strength that were never really near here. The Cage remains a testament to resilience as stars have gone dark and planets have collided and yet we are still here. Through all of this The Cage pit and upright columns remain cemented securely into the valley floor. Truly an engineering masterpiece of the 21st Century that lies somewhere between the other wonders of the world such as the Great Pyramids , Stonehenge and a finely maintained goat path.

TLnC LLC Dba The Cage, it’s parent company, affiliates, members, or employees are NOT responsible for ANY damage to your equipment or injury resulting from activity at The Cage. Including ( but not limited to ) the land and free parking areas of the Appleland Sports Center facility or its access and egress roads. Sports related activities can result in serious injury or Death. Follow the rules and have some safe fun.